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One Simple Way a Radiology Group Added Value to Their Hospital Relationship

If you follow the leading voices in the radiology community, you know that the topic of “value” is a recurring theme of current conversations. It is a core concept behind Imaging 3.0 and has dominated recent seminars, webinars, social media chatter and more for months thanks to MACRA and the many changes it is bringing to provider compensation models. And whatever changes the next wave of governmental healthcare policy washes into the boardrooms of group practices, when the murky waters recede, it is a safe bet that proof-of-value will still remain on the table as a mandate for radiologists going forward. 

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Delivering the Results of Imaging Examinations Can Improve Patients’ View of Radiologists

The new healthcare economy is redefining many working relationships that have remained unchanged for years. As a prime example, radiologists are understandably concerned about becoming viewed as commodities rather than as physicians who fill a vital role in patient care. One way for them to escape this stereotype is to have more direct interaction with patients, which will also simultaneously achieve one of the goals of the American College of Radiology’s (ACR) Imaging 3.0 initiative – to provide patient-centered, value-based care.

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