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The Top 3 Reasons for Radiology Claims Denials and How to Avoid Them on May 30, 2016

The goal of a well-managed radiology billing operation is to submit claims for services promptly and receive reimbursement as quickly as possible. Timely submission and prompt payment enhance the practice’s cash flow and keep the overall cost of billing at a minimum.  All too often, however, payment is delayed because the payer denies the claim for some reason. 

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Improve Radiology Charge Capture for Financial Health on October 17, 2012

It seems like a simple premise: Identify the services provided, substantiate the reason, interpret your findings, bill the payer and receive compensation per your contract. However, charge capture in radiology is anything but simple, especially in a hospital. Considering the high volume of procedures performed, coupled with multiple departments, personnel and IT systems involved in the process, there’s plenty of opportunity for error.

Categories: radiology reimbursement, radiology documentation, radiology charge reconciliation, radiology charge capture

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