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New Study Supports the Value Of IVC Filter Tracking Systems on October 3, 2018

A study reported in the September 2018 American Journal of Roentgenology concludes, “A semi-automated approach to tracking patients with IVC filters can facilitate care coordination and clinical decision-making for a device with known potential complications.”  The study followed 293 IVC filter recipients over a 6-month period, and found that the use of a tracking system improved the filter retrieval rate from 23% to 34% over the same period of the previous year. 

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How Removing IVC Filters Benefits Patients and Radiology Practices Alike on March 30, 2018

Our recent article How Radiology Practices Can Drive True Quality of Care describes how the use of clinical data can be integrated with a business process to provide benefits for both patient care and practice value.  Expanding this concept to the next level triggers the imagination – what other types of cases in the practice need follow-up within specific time periods?  Thus came the idea for the second iteration of HAP’s clinical analytics solution deployment that involved patients with implanted inferior vena cava (IVC) filters.

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