Inspired by physicians. Developed by radiology RCM and healthcare IT experts. Customizable to your practice and patient needs. 

Deep Dive Analytics (DDA) is an integrated clinical data analysis and business service that empowers radiology practice decisions and actions via two core components:

Integrated Incidental Findings & Follow-up Process

According to a study published by the JACR, 71% of patients with incidental lung nodule findings DO NOT return for follow-up screening. The incidental findings module mines radiology clinical data and identifies patients with lung nodules in need of follow-up based on condition-specific algorithms. This data is output to an automated business process that notifies the patients, and their primary care physicians, about the need for follow-up care via mail at appropriate intervals. Our solution also tracks patient response to these communications.

Practice Productivity and Quality Maximization Module

We believe productivity is about more than just RVUs. That’s the goal of the practice productivity and quality maximization module – to provide one-click access to relevant, actionable intelligence that drives optimized performance. Our initial feature set mines current dictation to identify opportunities for quality improvement.

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